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January 19, 2012
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Black-n-Blue-GTK v3 New by CraazyT Black-n-Blue-GTK v3 New by CraazyT
Update 3/16/2012: Used my Back-nBlack-GTK Overhauled theme as a base for this but changed all the grey to blue. Also Changed the name.

Update 3/12/2012:Thanks to nowerries for telling me how to fix Ubuntu Software Center. I'm trying to figure out a way to apply this fix to my dark themes but until then use this fix.


Only bug I have noticed so far is fonts unreadable in Ubunut Software Center the fix for this is to in terminal type...

sudo gedit /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/css/softwarecenter.css

.... and change the color value of @define-color super-light-aubergine to #000000

Updated 1/25/2012 V2: I fixed the problem when copying the theme to /usr/share/themes it all looks good now. I uploaded the changes :D

Updated 1/21/2010: I changed the progress bar to have more of a radius. Fixed the selected check boxes to have a blue border (so you can see where to put the check in them).

Updated 1/19/2012: I am releasing this, I figured out the evolution html issue I was having. I am going to update the rest of my dark gtk themes with the fix. I have to give a big thank you to rvc-2011 [link] for pointing me in the right direction to fix it thanks buddy ;)

Okay this is just the Back n Black GTK theme. I just changed the grey to blue to match the wallpaper. I think it looks pretty slick. Would do you think?
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awesome on mate-desktop!!!
uffi69 Aug 26, 2012
Hi craazyt it's possible for you to modify this theme by changing the black color with white color (#ffffff) and blues color with black color (#000000)? Thanks
It's not possible as I don't use gtk anymore only kde and I've been extremely busy with work. Feel free to change it yourself ;)
uffi69 Sep 4, 2012
thank you so much for your answer! I'm not able to change colors of your theme because i don't know what I have to do to change colors in a gtk theme but I solved usig another theme and lxappearance. thank you anymore and good job
Very......awesome Man. Spicing up!
rvc-2011 Jan 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
awwwww.... all credits to you buddy... i the theme looks gr8 !
your to kind my friend that's what it's all about is helping each other out and I thank you. You have some really nice work my friend ;)
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