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March 19, 2012
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Black-n-White-GTK v1 by CraazyT Black-n-White-GTK v1 by CraazyT
Okay here's another version of my Black-Out-GTK. I Changed all the highlights to pure white (except for the menu selection as I like mixing gradients). I smoothed out the toolbar and a few other touches elsewhere. This theme was originally based off of adwaita with ANewBlood GTk theme window borders by alecive [link] thanks buddy ;) I'm really loving the the focus-effects-extension for gnome (just wish there was a setting you could adjust the transparency on the fly like compiz. Maybe with the mouse wheel) :woohoo:

Copy to either ~.themes or /usr/share/themes

OS: Arch Linux [link]
DE: Gnome 3 Gnome Shell
Gnome Shell Theme: Black-Out-GS[link] (mine)
GTK Theme: Black-Out-GTK (mine) With window borders by alecive [link]
Icons: Awoken [link]
Dock: cairo-dock
Wallpaper: [link]


Updated 3/20/2012: buttons now have borders and fixed a few other minor things.
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Great transparent theme for the file manager.  Can this work on Ubuntu and Lubuntu? Please let me know, thx!
I don't think so
pleeeeeeeeease port to gnome 3.6 :D
just flat out the best gnome theme EVER.
E intentado compilar, instalar y reinstalar la extension "Focus" que mencionaste acertadament, mi distro es mi amado "Fedora", en "Gnome Tweak Tool" dice: "La extensión no soporta la versión de Gnome Shell" modifique el archivo de "Focus" y le ordene trabajar con mi versión, solo que no me da el mismo efecto que a ti, serias tan amable de pasarme tu archivo de configuración de la extensión "Focus"?

PD. Ame tu escritorio es perfecto pero no puedo lograr que quede exactamente igual. :(.

Saludos excelente trabajo.
Lo siento, no creo que funcione en gnome 3.4 más. Usted puede comprobar las extensiones de gnome sitio web. Yo uso KDE ahora
I can't see the transparences. ¿Why?. ¿Mutter?. ¿Compiz?. Im trying it in gnome-shell and also other DE.
Well first of all this theme was made for gnome 3.2 and I don't use gnome anymore and secondly in order to get the transparencies you needed the focus-effects-extension which I don't know if it works with gnome 3.4 and above. You can do some searching to see ;)
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